Oops! Life happened

15 Oct

Sooo, I guess the blogging thing took a back seat while I finished cooking the baby, pushed him out and looked after him for 8 months! Oops.

I will attempt to summarise…

The remaining months of my pregnancy went very smoothly. I had my moments but overall had a very easy pregnancy and trained right up until the day before I had the little munchkin.

I had a natural birth with minimal pain killers, mainly just gas and a little something extra at the end to get me through after 24 hours of labour! I have to say, I dont think all the training made a lick of difference during the labour. It was the hardest, most painful thing I have ever done in my life. Although, maybe I would have insisted on an epidural if I didnt deal with that level of pain during intense training? Who knows..

End result – gorgeous little man, Archie John – who we absolutely adore. I wake up every morning and just give him a huge cuddle and want to eat him up, hes that cute! Best thing ever.

brand new bubba

brand new bubba

date night with a bear

date night with a bear

At 3 weeks, I stepped back into the gym and eased back into some kind of lifting. 8 months on and we are in more of a routine and I’m training hard and hitting PR’s and aiming for regionals next year.

My next project is setting up a mums and bubs group fitness session so I can help other mums get back into exercise…



CrossFit at 17 – 22 weeks pregnant

26 Oct

I am now just over 22 weeks and my belly is starting to pop out and is almost getting in the way – noooooo!

I quit Outlaw programming a while back as I couldn’t handle the time commitment and figured that, considering I’m out of contention for the 2013 Open, I might as well join in with the regular class, take it a bit easier and not be such an uptight loner doing my elite shit in the corner.

At 17 weeks I hit an all time snatch personal best of 62kg which is almost my normal body weight – stoked! This was a few weeks after stopping Outlaw, which is basically Oly lifting every day, so I think I can probably credit the PB to all of that training and my super baby powers… Nothing was really an issue at 17 weeks, the only thing I stopped after 12 weeks was strict ab work. I was still doing a few toes-to-bar but opted out of anything too high rep not becasue I couldnt do it but I’m worried about the whole ab splitting thing, ewwww!

52.5kg snatch from blocks at about 18 weeks

At about 18 weeks I was still going strong and nothing was scaled other than ab work. Even though I was about 6kg heavier at this point I was still getting a few muscle ups here and there.

At around 19 weeks I started to notice a couple of little changes. I’m on the 3rd floor at work and always go the stairs and was definitely getting more puffed out by the third flight. The other thing is that running is sucking even more than usual. Normally is there is running in a WOD, even though I dont like it much, I’m usually at the front of the pack or not oo far back. This week on an 800m run, I was last! Not fun, and it hurt my boobs!

At just over 20 weeks out gym held a seminar with Carl Paoli of GymnasticsWOD fame. No back flips or iron crosses but advice and help on how to move properly, particularly through 4 main bodyweight movements which commonly come up in CrossFit: handstand push ups, muscle ups, pistols and burpees. I was a little worried about how I was going to go because the main problem is that I’m wearing a permanent and increasingly heavy weight vest and bodyweight movements are gradually getting harder and harder. I was fine though because the whole premise of the seminar was how to use progressions from beginners to elite athletes. I’ll just be going backwards in the progressions over the next few months instead of forwards!!

Carl Paoli!!!

Now, I’m just over 22 weeks. Running is definitely not my favourite thing to do because I feel quite heavy, but I’m still hopping on the treadmill at my work gym for a slow shuffle a couple of times a week, much to the disgust of some co-workers (“bit cruel to be jogging isnt it” was todays comment). Double unders are actually still fine – I did 500 in 10 minutes on Monday (and not one bit of wee came out! haha). I havent done a lot of lifting over the last couple of weeks but did some deadlifting a week ago and equalled my best lift (135kg) which I havent been able to do in a couple of years I think, then back squats on Wednesday and ended up with a 5kg PB of 105kg! Amazing!

I know what some of you are thinking. The hormones, the relaxin, the joints, the baby!!!!

I am taking care of myself. I know what I’m capable of. I know about the hormones.
When shit gets painful (other than the good type of pain), uncomfortable or unstable, I will stop it. Ok? Ok.

A Party while Pregnant or: How I Learned to Have a Good Time without Drinking

18 Oct

Or did I…

We had our engagement party 3 weeks ago on the 1st of September, at my parents house. I decorated the place with lots of white flowers and candles and fairy lights out the back – it looked so pretty! Canapes were catered and we had a waitress. Dad organised the alcohol – beer, wine and some bubbles. Thanks dad! We had about 65 guests all up and I tried to make sure I spoke to them all, at least briefly, making those that didn’t know many people feel more comfortable, but at the same time I wanted to spend more time with my closest friends and actually have some fun. All the small talk fries my brain and wears me out!!

what an engaging couple

So I think I had a good time, but I barely remember it. Sounds suspiciously like I had a few too many.

Which brings me to the contentious issue of drinking while pregnant… My doctor said to me, especially in the first trimester, to avoid alcohol but she said that probably one glass a week wouldn’t hurt. Apparently Peanut cant process the alcohol and is basically being pickled (precise medical teminology), poor little thing. But what about when you get past that first trimester? I have to say that at our engagement party I did have a little bit to drink. I’ve found that if having1/4 of a glass of red and filling up the glass with soda water really doesnt taste too bad, makes me feel like I’m “celebrating” and means I can have a couple of drinks over the course of the night. I think I probably had 2 on the night of our engagement so about half a glass all up, and I’ve had one since then. So what do you think about that?

Pregnant women are told to abstain from alcohol as a rule. But there are recent studies which suggest that light drinking during pregnancy doesnt do any harm to the unborn child. And I know this is a N=1 type study but my mum drank a little during pregnancy and although she doesnt like to admit it and she wont tell me how much, I know she also smoked. Well, its more like N=2 since she did the same with my brother and despite my brother being annoying and looking like an alien when he was a baby (he totally did), I dont think it did any harm. Not to me anyway, I’m perfect.

I’m not about to go and down a whole bottle of wine but I’m not worried about the occasional quarter of a glass and I don’t feel that I will be doing the peanut any harm. The main problem as I see it with drinking (very lightly!) while pregnant is the judgement by other women who don’t feel the same way, and even sometimes those who would do it or have done it themselves.

Operation: Be More Awesome

12 Oct

Well we are supposedly well into spring down under (although there is snow forecast in the hills today, what? – it never snows here, not even in winter. and its meant to be 28 deg C 2 days later, ka-razy i tells ya!) and I thought now would be a good time to commence “Operation: Be more awesome”. What do you think?

I’ve written out a few lists related to different aspects of my life, rather than goals I think of them as daily/weekly to do lists. I suppose they could be very short term goals…

The categories so far include health, home, beauty and life which is a broad category encompassing “everything else”.

– Drink more water
– Get more sleep
– Drink less coffee
– Eat less bread/chips (seems to be my major non paleo/primal weakness!)
– More veggies
– Stretch more
– Walk more
– Floss more

– Keep kitchen & bathroom clean
– Keep the house tidy
– Sell unworn clothes on ebay
– Finish the front garden
– Hang all my pictures
– Decorate the nursery
– Deck out the garage gym

– Don’t be a dag
– Do my hair
– Paint my nails
– Have more baths
– Face mask 1x/week
– Learn how to do make-up properly
– Moisturise (and maybe help minimise stretch marks!)

– See friends more
– See mum & dad more
– Cook more
– Less TV, more books
– Try not to hate work
– Write at least 1 blog post per week
– Go away for a weekend
– Buy an investment property
– Do a PT course
– Take more photos
– Take weekly belly photo then…
– Weekly baby photo
– Go to more markets/garage sales
– Teach the dogs new tricks (like “coming when called” ha)

So this starts now! Well it started yesterday and so far so good. The ones I’m worried about are the coffee, stretching and flossing; selling the clothes and tidying; doing my hair and being a dag; seeing my friends & family more and writing at least a post a week.

But work is coming into a less stressful phase at the moment which means I can spend a little time in my breaks writing and a lot less time hating, so this is good!

Things are going well on the baby front and I have some cute pictures to put up soon.

Keep lifting

19 Sep
Wahoo! 62kg snatch PB at 17 weeks pregnant!

Yeah, thats not me. My belly is no where near that big yet and thats not a snatch and I had way more weight on the bar!! But I dont have any pictures of me lifting with a belly yet and this one is nice 🙂

Who says you need to stop lifting heavy weights during pregnancy?
Ok ok the doctors do, but seriously, if any of you reading this are like me, you’ll know to take some of what they say with a grain of salt. I’m not saying we dont need them or that they aren’t smart or that they dont know alot, but they are probably, most of them, pretty good at rote learning. They have so many things they need to know about so about so many things that it would be really hard to stay on top of all the latest research. And how many of them think that eating animal fat is healthy? Yeah, not many (It is healthy by the way, if it’s grass fed).

Look, I’m not suggesting you take up olympic lifting during pregnancy if you haven’t done it before. And I’m not saying you should absolutely smash yourself at the gym. Of course, you need to be careful and you need good technique (as you always do, but now more than ever). But if you know what you’re doing – which I do, and you’re feeling great – which I am, then why the hell should you stop? My belly isnt in the way yet, and my baby hormones are making me super strong so I’m making the most of it while I can.

I think I’ll stop riding my bike to work well before I stop heavy lifting. But thats another story…

This picture has nothing to do with anything but does contain my dog, my other dog and my fiance all of whom are quite cute

Disclaimer: I am not by any means a medical professional, I’m just taking this pregnancy thing as it comes and writing about my experience.

fatty fat fat

15 Sep

Time flies…. 17 weeks and counting!


To be honest though, I still don’t feel pregnant. My clothes tell me otherwise but thats about it. I actually can’t wait for my belly to really show so people know rather than just thinking I’m a fatty.

I probably am also getting a bit fat though. The diet has not been very strict. I haven’t been craving anything but I just really feel like smashing the dairy… oh wait, is that a craving?! Anyway, lets just say I have “listened to my body” and when my body says cheese, my mouth says hell yeah! Mmm, cheese.

I guess the other thing I’ve noticed is that my tummy has been good! I had heard that collagenous colitis and other autoimmune issues can clear up during pregnancy and lo and behold, all is good! So I’m making the most of it – and even though I do feel guilty, I’ve been treating myself to alot more bread than usual (which is still hardly any since usual = none). AND porridge. Seriously how good is porridge.

All this talk about the bad food I’m eating…. but I’ve also been balancing that out with plenty of veggies and we bought a whole cow (and a deep freezer) last week, including all the offal, so plenty of grass fed beef. We have been forcing down liver once a week too. I’m gradually aquiring the taste for beef liver but its soooo much stronger than chicken liver, and so far it has been well masked by sauce, bacon and onions. Mmm, liver.

um, i have no idea what to do with this stuff! but they look funny!

Bacon flavoured liver!

Training wise –> everything is much the same except for sit ups really. Hit 57.5kg snatch last week and have also Pr’d on cleans and power cleans. Not too shabby! I can even still do muscle ups! Some people have told me I should stop lifting heavy weights and I’ve learnt to just agree with them… of course I’ll stop when I need to but so far so good. I just figure the longer I keep it up at this end, the quicker the come back will be on the other end.

Aaaah, the other end. You scare me.

You don’t get pregnant in your arms

6 Aug

Its been a little while since I’ve written anything but things have been going just fine.. great actually.

Other than a mild sensation of nausea every 2 or 3 days which only lasts for 5 – 10 minutes tops, I have been feeling fantastic. My skin looks great, maybe since I’ve been off the booze? I haven’t been lacking in energy at all. What I’m thinking, is that since I was already fit and training consistently and a lot, and eating a clean diet (most of the time) that maybe some of the common first trimester symptoms have bypassed me. It really does pay to be healthy.

Having said that, training wise things have been a little all over the place the last couple of weeks. I went away for work for a week and while I did find a crossfit gym that was only a couple of km away, i still had to walk/run there and back and the only time I could go was at 6pm which meant I wasn’t back at the hotel until 7:30 and then I needed to shower and change to get ready to go out for dinner. And then I had to walk somewhere for dinner which meant I wouldnt eat until 8:30 and thats just way to late for me! It also was $25 a session, which personally I think is a bit of a joke. Hence, I only went once!

Then the following week, my other half was away for work. Doesnt really sound like a problem until you factor in the damn dogs who need walking morning and night. And get into a LOT of mischief if they’re left alone for too long… so that week was a write off too! But I figured I was allowed to take it easy so I didnt beat myself up about it as I have in the past.


That was until the dreaded dress debacle. Yes, thats right.

We are having an engagement party in a bit less than 4 weeks. I dont plan on telling everyone about the little peanut by then so Im hoping to find a dress that looks hot but not too flowy that its obvious I’m preggers.
OMG. I tried on what would normally fit me comfortably, or even be a bit big. And it wouldnt do up!!!!!! But not around my waist, that wasnt the problem. It was my arms and back – holy crap!
I’ve come to the conclusion that with all the heavy lifting I’ve been doing lately, I’ve neglected my conditioning and bulked up. NO. THEY TOLD ME CHICKS DONT BULK UP. THEY WERE WRONG!!!

So August, you are going to be full of metcons and long runs and laying of the weight. I did one last heavy snatch on sat, 57.5kg after basically 2 weeks off training, and now I’m losing that back/arm bulk.

As my mum said to me – you dont get pregnant in your arms.